LG TonePro Bluetooth Headset QuickStart Guide

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The LGTonePro Bluetooth Headset is your essential audio solution for a busy life style!

Product Features:

Included Accessories:

Physical Description:


Calling Functions:

Voice Dialing
Voice Dialing and Last Number Redial features work with the primary handset (or handset which made the last outgoing call).
Call Waiting
While speaking on an active call, press the call button for 1 second to switch to an incoming call.
To switch between 2 active calls, press the call button for 1 second.
To end both calls briefly press the call button.
Auto Reconnect
If the headset is turned off while connected, it will disconnect, and automatically resume when turned on if you are still in range of your connected device.

Audio Streaming:


Volume Control

Vibrate Control

Answering a Call

Voice Dialing

Last Number Redial

Ending a Call

Call Waiting

Rejecting a Call

Mic Mute

Battery Status Check


Before using the headset for the first time, you must pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled device.
There are two ways to accomplish this:
One, is by using the easy pairing mode. When you turn the headset on for the first time, and you have not previously paired it to any devices, the unit will automatically be in pairing mode. The headset voice prompts will announce power on, battery level, and inform you that it is ready to pair.
Alternatively, you may manually put the headset into pairing mode.
With the power off, press the call button and slide the power switch to the on position and hold for two seconds. When the headset is in pairing mode, you will hear the voice announcement that the headset is ready to be paired.
To pair with an iOS device, do the following:
Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on, and your headset is ready to pair.
Put the headset in pairing mode by one of the methods indicated previously.
To pair with an iOS device, navigate to settings, general, Bluetooth, turn Bluetooth on and wait for the device to detect "LG HBS750."
Once the headset has been successfully paired, voice prompts will report, "Your headset paired."
If you want to pair it with a different device, make sure and do one of the following:
  1. Turn Bluetooth off on the previously connected device.
  2. Or, forget the Bluetooth headset on the device.

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